After a few days of "will he or won't he questions" Patrick Roy has signed on to help the Colorado Avalanche out of the doldrums.

Roy joins Joe Sakic in the front office, taking the role of Head Coach and Vice President of Hockey Operations. He takes the reigns from Joe Sacco who was fired after the Avalanche's worst season in Denver landed them last in the western conference and the first overall pick by way of the draft lottery.

Roy now has the unviable task of rejuvenating the team and making it a playoff contender while also putting some air back into the fan base.

With this hiring comes a clear signal that the ownership of Stan and Josh Kroenke will be spending more, both time and money on the Avalanche. Roy needed a committment that the ownership had a clear goal on making the Avs contenders again.

Roy is now on board, Sakic is on board and the hopes of Avalanche nation appear to buffeted yet again. Whether this works or not, it looks to be a fun ride. Strap in Avs nation, things are about to get interesting.