First it was Joe Sakic,  then it was Patrick Roy and after Adam Foote rejoined the team in a consulting role, Avs fans were curious who would be next.

Their questions were answered when the Avalanche reacquired one of the fan favorites: Alex Tanguay. But wait there's more, the Avs were able to get him for right winger David Jones who, after signing a four year $16 million deal, scored 3 goals last year. They also acquired Cory Sarich, a hulking 6'4 defenseman for defenseman Shane O'Brien.

O'Brien, who signed a three year $6 million deal last season, appeared to come into training camp out of shape and his dedication was questioned as the year wore on.

In return the Avs got a left winger who can still put up points, bring veteran experience and scoring from the left side. He could fit on any of the Avs' scoring lines and remains a hometown hero for his two goals in game 7 of the 2001 Stanley Cup Finals victory. In Sarich they get a defensive defenseman in the last year of his deal.

The Avs saved half a million, opened up $2 million in cap space for next season while also bringing back a fan favorite and improving the defense. It is a perfect, smart trade for that improves the team and saves them money at the same time.