The Stanley Cup will not come back to Colorado this season but that does not mean that some Avalanche fans will not have a parade.

Joe Sacco, the guy fans have wanted gone for at least a year, has been relieved of his head coaching duties by the Colorado Avalanche.

General manager Greg Sherman announced today that the franchise needed a change in leadership to take the franchise in a new direction. Sacco made the playoffs once his four year stint as head coach, none in the previous three years.

As the Avalanche look to improve from their worst years since arriving in Denver, they will have a lot more questions to be answered. Is Sherman coming back? What will Joe Sakic's role be? How involved will either Pierre Lacroix or Kroenkes be?

The Avs have an 18.8 percent chance of moving up in the NHL Entry Draft to take Seth Jones. After that, the Avs will have questions regarding their roster, specifically whether Paul Stastny and David Jones will return. They will also have to figure out how to piece together a functional defensive corps to give their goaltenders the greatest support.

It is going to be a long, busy offseason for the Avs but, at the very least, they are not wasting any time.